Our 2010 Corvette Grand Sport Callaway

Glenda and I traveled to Bowling Green Kentucky in January, 2010 to watch our Corvette Grand Sport being built. We were joined by several friends during those three days. It almost came off the line on Thursday the 21st so we returned to the plant on Monday the 25th to watch the final process. That worked out well because our friends Rich and Helen Hamlyn were picking up their Jet Stream Blue Grand Sport the same day at the Corvette Museum. We were able to see our car come off the line and watch their delivery.

The new Grand Sport was shipped to California for the Callaway conversion. Then several friends joined us at the Museum delivery on April 12, 2010. Click the 'Photo Album' link for a pictorial story of the build and the Callaway conversion from start to finish. Click on 'The Collection' for photos of other Corvettes we have owned.

I hope you enjoy the pictures of our Grand Sport Callaway. . . . Dave