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October 26, 2005 was an important day in the life of our 2006 Corvette. It was the delivery date at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky. We had walked the line on October 6th and 7th as it was built at the Corvette Assembly Plant.

Our friends had been notified so they could watch us on the Internet on the Museum web cams. Cars for delivery are usually on display the night before but they weren't put in place until the morning of the 26th. I watched from our motel room as they finally moved it to Delivery area #6 at 7:28 am. It was ready to view.


We had a very informative plant tour and orientation of our new Corvette by Thomas McFall. Joining us on this occasion were Matt Vail and Michael Johnson, longtime friends.

Pictures of the Delivery  
On display
Some of the signatures
Personalized signage
Thomas prepares to drive it out
Ours at last
Museum in background
At the plant entrance
Excuse to Go
Like we need an excuse to go?
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