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The American Dream - The Chevy Corvette

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In 1958 my buddies and I came across a brand new Corvette that had been involved in a one car accident. It was in an insurance lot - an open field. Hmm, was there a fence around it? Even from a distance, it was a beautiful car . And it didn't look too bad when you got closer. There wasn't a lot of damage to it but the driver had died. He had run off the road and wasn't found for several days. We were told that the odor from body fluids could never be removed from the car. That was one nice car.

So began my interest in Corvettes. I vowed to own a Corvette some day, but college, family, etc. etc. put my plans on hold. While our boys were growing up I bought a couple of '57 Chevies. My oldest son bought one of them from me but sold it when he became engaged.

One very hot day in July, 1987 I was tinkering under the red hard top. I kept asking myself, "Why am I doing this?" I wasn't driving it very much but still, I didn't consider selling it. Then one day a fellow called me and asked, "Do you have a '57 Chevy for sale?"

I said "I have one, but it isn't for sale".

He said "Can I look at it?"

I guess the thoughts of that 100 degree day were in the back of my mind so I let him look at it and I sold it that night! How many times since then have I said, "I wish I still had that red '57."

About 1995 I bought a '67 Mustang convertible (oldest son married into a Ford family and I let that influence affect better judgement). But I enjoyed driving that car. It had been restored so didn't need much done to it. I had the carb rebuilt in 1999 and it was really running great when, on a whim, I put an ad in the Post-Dispatch. It sold that week.

Ford fever caught me again a few months later. I bought a '96 Mustang Cobra convertible. It was a great car, but it just wasn't a Corvette (sorry Ford fans). I considered buying a new Corvette at that time but chose the Cobra instead.

I decided that if I was ever going to fulfill my dream, it was time to do it. So I began looking for a vette. I didn't buy the first one I saw, just the first red one. No, not really. But I found one that suited me. Not a show car but a driver in excellent condition. It had a lot of goodies: 327 cubic inches fuel injected (360 hp), 4 speed, 2 tops. RED! My dream - er my investment. We took posession in December, 2003.

1962 360hp Fuel Injected Corvette
1962 Chevrolet Corvette owners: David and Glenda Davidson

Keith Davidson, a cousin of mine, told me he would be my mechanic when I got my Corvette. We laughed about that over the years. Keith died in August, 2003 . He never got to see my Vette.

We took the plant tour to watch our 2006 Corvette being built then did the Museum delivery

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